Red Ribbon Week!

October is Drug Awareness Month. Drug awareness and prevention is promoted through the National Red Ribbon Campaign. This year’s National Red Ribbon Week Theme is “SEND A MESSAGE. STAY DRUG FREE.”

Cherokee School is celebrating Red Ribbon Week 10/28/19 - 11/1/19 - NEXT WEEK! Cherokee students and employees will be uniting and taking a visible stand against drugs. We will have drug awareness dress up days and educational activities. The dress up schedule for next week is as follows…

Monday – “RED-y to Put a STOP to Drugs!” – Wear as much red as possible.

Tuesday – “SEND A MESSAGE. STAY DRUG FREE.” – Wear clothing with words or phrases.

Wednesday – “You WON’T SEE Me Doing Drugs!” – Wear camouflage clothing.

Thursday – “Be a JEAN-ius! Be Drug Free!” – Wear blue jeans or denim clothing.

Friday – “I Am Too BRIGHT To Use Drugs!” – Wear clothes that will glow in black light (bright white, neon, fluorescent).