You may send them correspondence in care of Cherokee ISD, PO Box 100, Cherokee, Texas 76832

Phone calls may be made to the school, (325) 622-4298. Messages will be sent to them within the school day or next business day, depending on the time of the call.

Position 1 Jerry Randolph, Trustee, term expires 2026,

Position 2 Anne Brownlee, Trustee, term expires 2026, 

Position 3 Tommy Morrison, President, term expires 2024,

Position 4 Travis Shannon, Trustee, term expires 2024,

Position 5 Brandon Shanklin, Trustee, term expires 2024,

Position 6 Valerie Valdez, Secretary, term expires 2026,

Position 7 Rodney Johnson, Vice-President, term expires 2024,